Fun Facts September 22, 2019

Love-a-Llama Lodge

Photo Credit: Diane-White Crane

Honestly? I almost didn’t tell you about this one, because I wanted to keep it all for myself.

Welcome to Love-a-Llama Lodge, an 6-acre Airbnb dream in Clark, Colorado where guests can interact with and feed llamas.

According to the lodge description, there is even more fun to be had at Love-a-Llama Lodge: “…horseshoes; a fire circle, bench and glider swings, hammock in the trees, picnic tables and shelters, and a Weber BBQ grill. There’s also a short trail through our lovely aspen grove, and a rustic campsite ‘back in the trees’ with a table and chairs and tents to play or nap in, as well as a fire pit for an old-fashioned hot dog roast (we’ll provide the sticks!).”

But back to the llamas. According to Out There Colorado: “Currently, there are 7 llamas on the ranch. The place is also stylishly decked out in llama decor…”

You know where to find me this weekend while I’m studying up on Clark, Colorado.