Fun Facts July 28, 2019

Colorado’s food halls

I can’t get enough of this 303 Magazine article about the different food halls in Colorado!

Missed the food hall trend? 303 explains:

“The food hall is definitely not a new concept, food and market halls have been around for centuries… [Food halls] have been hubs to house butchers, cheesemongers, bakers, makers and farmers to sell their goods under one roof, usually downtown, for workers and tourists to have a central location to grab lunch and also groceries to take home.”

I’m thrilled to see Fort Collins’ own The Exchange on this list (read about why I love The Exchange), plus nearby  Jessup Farm Artisan Village and Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market. I also love the style of Denver’s Milk Market in the Dairy Block (pictured here) — but I clearly have several more to explore.

Do you have a favorite? What a vibrant addition to any region!