Uncategorized September 1, 2019

6 signs that autumn is around the corner

The moment that school begins, everyone’s calendars seem to flip to autumn. Fall technically arrives on September 23rd, and here are a few upcoming events that have clued me in that Colorado is ready:

  • Fort Collins Water Lantern Festival. (Sept 21) Picture a clear night and a beautiful lake covered with glowing lanterns. Doesn’t that scene beg for knitted scarves and tall boots?
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Festival. (Sept 21) Maybe it’s just me, but a chocolate festival sounds like a definite fall outing. Aurora hosts a chocolate fest as well; their “Choctoberfest” takes place on Oct 12.
  • Apple Juicing Day. (Sept 21) From the event page: “Community members are encouraged to bring their own backyard apples (fresh only, no groundfall) to press in Scrumpy’s large mobile juicing trailer. The apples are pressed, pasteurized, and packaged before guests’ eyes.” Yum!
  • Fall Equinox Marathon. (Sept 22) It’s right in the name! Equinox holds races twice a year, and their fall event is coming up quickly. Not up for a full marathon? This race through the canyon also includes half-marathon and 5k options.
  • Lore Podcast Live. (Oct 11) This podcast is a personal obsession of mine. Because it “exposes the dark side of history” through creepy true-to-life stories, it definitely belongs to autumn.
  • Loveland Zombie Crawl. (Oct 19) It’s just what it sounds like: put on your best zombie makeup and prowl Loveland. It’s spooky, but it’s a family-friendly event!

One day it’s music festivals and outdoor yoga, then all of a sudden it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season! Which autumn events are you looking forward to most? Check back soon for a Halloween-specific event roundup!