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5 Interior Design Trends for 2023

The interior design trends of 2022 included a renaissance of colorful decorating, a preference for sustainable materials, and incorporating nature throughout the home. They reflected the continued evolution of our lifestyles in recent years and showed an overall desire for our homes to be somewhere we can relax, decompress, and focus on our wellbeing.

With 2023 just around the corner, expect to see the latest design trends continue that trajectory of creating a home that’s vibrant yet soothing.

5 Interior Design Trends for 2023

1. Butler’s Pantries

There’s something endlessly fascinating about features throughout a home that tie spaces together and create harmony. A butler’s pantry is the perfect resource for homeowners who feel their kitchens are always running at capacity. Typically located adjacent to the kitchen or dining room, modern butler’s pantries are often concealed behind cabinets or pocket doors. An economical solution for food and kitchen item storage, they allow you to prep meals outside the kitchen, gather silverware, and prepare to set the table. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and this space has taken on even more significance in recent years. It’s no wonder these special home features are on the rise.


A look through a modern kitchen to a butler’s pantry with a separate entrance. The shelves are stocked with silverware and china.

Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: PC Photography


2. Colorful Kitchens

Color in the kitchen is back in style! The neutral-toned backdrop of farmhouse-style interiors that leapt to the forefront of home design in recent years is still popular, but homeowners can expect to see more bold colors in 2023. The kitchen island, cabinets, and backsplash are three target areas for adding color to your kitchen. These large surface areas are tailor-made for color splashes to lead the eye throughout the room. Experiment with complimentary tile designs, two-toned cabinets, and dark-stained wood to create a kitchen atmosphere that feels anything but bland.


A modern kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and matching navy-blue cabinets and drawers with gold handles. The island has a matching navy base and warm butcher-block like wood top. Against bright white walls and with metallic accents, the space is both colorful and warm.

Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: JohnnyGreig


3. Organic Materials and Décor

In some ways, the design trends that defined 2022 will continue into next year. One such trend that will ring true in 2023 is a desire to fill the home with organic materials. Indoor plants will continue to be a popular decorative item throughout the home, both for their health benefits and their ability to mix and match with any décor style. In the living room, natural materials like stone, wood, and organic fabrics will help tie a home’s organic aesthetic together. And in the kitchen, stone and marble countertops add an earthy touch.


A young woman works from home on her laptop surrounded by house plants. The walls are off white, and with white plaster planters and natural wood accents, the green color of the plants pops against the clean backdrop.

Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: Tatiana Buzmakova


4. Earth Tones

While bold colors are making their return to the kitchen, earth tones will help to balance out homeowners’ interior design palettes next year. Many design leaders’ color of the year selections for 2023 are in, all showcasing unconventional takes on earthy colors. Whether it’s beige, magenta, cream, or forest green, you can use these shades throughout your home to create balance and ground your bolder color choices elsewhere. Looking to swap out your grey couch? Have you always wanted to paint your gallery wall something other than off-white? Now is the time!


A living room designed with earth tones. The rattan chair and side tables are a wood-toned brown, the walls are painted with a warm latte color, the pillows and couch range from off-white to clay, and the hardwood floor is a light-stained wood. Black accents round out the room which has a calm and cozy ambience.

Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: FollowTheFlow


5. Intentional Spaces

Homeowners have made significant adjustments to their lifestyles in recent years. For many, that’s meant spending time on their hobbies, exercising, and working on passion projects at home, whereas previously they may have gone elsewhere. After a couple years of making do with whatever space was available, moving forward, we’ll see a more intentional approach to creating space at home for those activities. Whether it’s building out a home gymsetting up your home office, craft room, art studio, yoga sanctuary, etc., having a dedicated area allows for privacy and focus while doing the things you love.


A woman cuts shapes out of construction paper in her craft room.

Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: Petar Chernaev