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Fort Collins Real Estate Saving energy and saving money Did you know that the City of Fort Collins offers tours of its public utilities? These free “Power Trip Bus Tours” visit Rawhide Energy Station (pictured), local energy sub-stations and more, all with the hopes of introducing the public to the different ways that electricity and water are generated and distributed through the city. Fort Collins […]
Fort Collins Real Estate Montava and New Urbanism Here’s an interesting development to keep an eye on: Montava! I can’t help but be intrigued by all of these examples of “New Urbanism” that I see popping up. New Urbanism focuses on walkable neighborhoods, diverse types of housing, and environmentally-friendly design. (Read my blog about Longmont’s Prospect New Town for another example of New […]
Buying Prospect New Town, Longmont When is the last time you cruised through Longmont? If you’re due for a visit, you may be missing out on this area’s charm! For example, Longmont’s up-and-coming Prospect New Town development has taken a unique approach to its architecture, blending contemporary styles with more traditional looks. You’ll find bold colors mixed with farmhouse shades […]
Berthoud Real Estate The Buzz About Berthoud The town of Berthoud in Northern Colorado has been booming lately. Anna S., a recent transplant to Berthoud, explains why she and her family felt so drawn to this up-and-coming area.   What are a few of the other areas you considered, and what made you ultimately choose Berthoud? Anna: We looked at a lot […]
Buying Under $300,000? If a real estate buyer walks into one of our offices in Northern Colorado and tells us they are looking for a single-family home under $300,000, unfortunately there will not be many properties to choose from. Depending on where they are looking the choices may be very limited. Here is a list of the number […]
Buying Final Four At the end of this weekend College Basketball’s Final 4 will be established. It might make you wonder, what the top 4 and bottom 4 real estate markets across the country? Here they are, ranked by the last 12 months of appreciation according to fhfa.gov: Top 4: Tacoma, WA 14.6% Seattle, WA 14.3% Port St. Lucie, FL 13.7% […]
Fort Collins Real Estate The Antidote The Antidote The stock market is in turmoil this week (I’m guessing that you’ve noticed). Investors feel like they’re strapped into a roller coaster at Coney Island- up and down and all around they go, thrashed around by the whims of the market. These are words currently on financial news websites: Whiplash, Volatile, Wild Ride, […]
Buying Friday Fun Facts – Inventory is up! Inventory Is Up For the past few years the hot topic in Northern Colorado real estate is inventory, or more specifically, lack of inventory. Based on our current research, it looks like this trend is reversing. Let’s look at the increase in inventory in our major markets versus a year ago… Fort Collins up 28% Loveland up […]
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