Time For New


Here is a fact…

If you have ever thought about owning a new home, the last two months of the year are usually the best time to make that happen.

Here’s why…

Many builders have year-end goals and sales quotas to hit.  If they have a “standing inventory” of homes that are completed but not sold, they are typically motivated to sell these homes by the end of the year.

This dynamic can be especially true for publicly-traded builders who are even more motivated to hit year-end sales numbers.

Up and down the Front Range there are beautiful new homes in fantastic neighborhoods.  The builders of these homes may be happy to make concessions and provide incentives as long as you close by year-end.

We just recently helped a buyer with a very compelling incentive package from a builder which included a lower price, additional landscaping and window coverings.

If you would like more details about these kinds of opportunities, reach out and we can help

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Free Activities in Colorado Springs

Photo by Rick DuVal for UCHealth.

I may live and work in Fort Collins but a huge piece of my heart is in Colorado Springs, where I grew up and where much of my family still lives. I love this post from UCHealth detailing 5 free things to do in Colorado Springs — they cover Garden of the Gods, the U.S. Air Force Academy, two museums and a gorgeous arts center.

One attraction I would add to this list of free excursions is the Manitou Incline, an old cable car track they have turned into a strenuous hike, ending with a gorgeous view. According to the website, the hike gains 2,000 feet of elevation in under a mile and the grade gets as steep as 68%. Whew!

And if Manitou sounds like fun to you, there’s always Pikes Peak to scale…!

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6 signs that autumn is around the corner

The moment that school begins, everyone’s calendars seem to flip to autumn. Fall technically arrives on September 23rd, and here are a few upcoming events that have clued me in that Colorado is ready:

  • Fort Collins Water Lantern Festival. (Sept 21) Picture a clear night and a beautiful lake covered with glowing lanterns. Doesn’t that scene beg for knitted scarves and tall boots?
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Festival. (Sept 21) Maybe it’s just me, but a chocolate festival sounds like a definite fall outing. Aurora hosts a chocolate fest as well; their “Choctoberfest” takes place on Oct 12.
  • Apple Juicing Day. (Sept 21) From the event page: “Community members are encouraged to bring their own backyard apples (fresh only, no groundfall) to press in Scrumpy’s large mobile juicing trailer. The apples are pressed, pasteurized, and packaged before guests’ eyes.” Yum!
  • Fall Equinox Marathon. (Sept 22) It’s right in the name! Equinox holds races twice a year, and their fall event is coming up quickly. Not up for a full marathon? This race through the canyon also includes half-marathon and 5k options.
  • Lore Podcast Live. (Oct 11) This podcast is a personal obsession of mine. Because it “exposes the dark side of history” through creepy true-to-life stories, it definitely belongs to autumn.
  • Loveland Zombie Crawl. (Oct 19) It’s just what it sounds like: put on your best zombie makeup and prowl Loveland. It’s spooky, but it’s a family-friendly event!

One day it’s music festivals and outdoor yoga, then all of a sudden it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season! Which autumn events are you looking forward to most? Check back soon for a Halloween-specific event roundup!

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Exploring Colorado through yoga

Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon for UCHealth.

Red Rocks Amphitheater. Garden of the Gods. Yampa River Botanic Park.

These places all conjure up images of gorgeous landscapes under bright Colorado skies — which makes them wonderful places to do yoga! I am loving this article from UCHealth, “Outdoor yoga: Top spots from Red Rocks to your park or county fair,” which includes yoga spots I’ve never heard of (Dragonfly Paddle Yoga) as well as bilingual yoga (Denver Botanic Gardens) and — a bucket list item for me — goat yoga (Boulder County Fair).

With the school year right around the corner, I’m going to need fun new ways to unwind. Where are some of your favorite spots for an outdoor tree pose?

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Military Appreciation Month at Colorado State Parks

Did you know that all Colorado State Parks celebrate Military Appreciation Month in August? Here is how you can take advantage of the parks’ free admission this month (details and image courtesy of Lory State Park):

Stop by any Colorado Parks and wildlife locations show one of the following:
CAC Card
DD Form 2 (reserve / retired)
DD Form 2765
DD Form 214
Colorado drivers license with Veteran identifier 
Military personnel receive a state park annual valid for the month of August.

Visit the Colorado State Parks website for a full list of military benefits that extend throughout the year. 

By the way: veterans and active duty military, are you looking to relocate? I am a certified military residential specialist; reach out if I can be of help, and thank you for your service!

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In times of change (like now), it’s valuable to look at the fundamentals of our market.

Let’s have some fun with fundamentals…

1.  Our economy is healthy – since 1990, the unemployment rate in Colorado has never been higher than the U.S. unemployment rate.  Ever.  Unemployment in Colorado sits at 2.7% today while the rate across the U.S. is 4.0%.

2.  People keep moving here – since 2005 our population has grown by just over a million people which is roughly 77,000 per year (about the size of Mile High Stadium).

3.  Our real estate outperforms other places – according the Federal Housing Finance Authority, Colorado is the #1 state for home price appreciation since 1990.

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A History Lesson

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “Where do you think interest rates are going?”

Virtually all of the experts we follow put rates above 5% going into next year and some see rates approaching 5.5% by the middle of 2019. What’s certain is that there are economic forces at work that are pushing rates higher.

So, how about a little history lesson? How do today’s 30- year mortgage rates compare to this same date in history going all the way back to 1990?

• Today = 4.85%
• 2017 = 3.94%
• 2015 = 3.82%
• 2010 = 4.27%
• 2005 = 5.98%
• 2000 = 7.84%
• 1995 = 7.75%
• 1990 = 10.22%

While today’s rates feel high only because they are higher than 2017, they are quite a bit lower than at many times in history.

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It Starts Here

What’s Starting?

Here are some interesting stats from our friends at Metro Study who study new home activity along the Front Range.

• New home starts are up 14% compared to last year – this is really good news and is helping to relieve the shortage of housing inventory

• Every product type saw an increase in starts compared to last year (single family, town-home and condominium)

• Condominiums saw the largest increase in starts by a long shot, up 112% over last year- this is excellent news for first time buyers and those looking for product in lower price ranges.

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The Cost Of Waiting

The Cost of Waiting

It’s true, certain parts of our market are cooling off. We are seeing fewer multiple offers, fewer bidding wars, and fewer inspection concessions.
However, homes that are priced right and in great condition are selling, and in many cases, selling quickly.

As buyers feel the market cool a bit, it may cause them to want to wait. They sometimes feel like it’s a better choice to ‘wait and see what happens.’

The reality is, there is a real cost to waiting given two specific facts.

1. Interest rates will continue to rise
2. Prices will continue to rise

Interest rates are a little more than 0.5% higher than a year ago and experts predict them to be another 0.5% higher by this time next year.

Prices have been appreciating at roughly 10% per year for the last four years. Based on the numbers, we see that appreciation could be 5% per year for the next two years.

So, let’s look at a house priced at $450,000 today. If prices go up “only” 5% for the next 12 months, that home will cost $22,500 more in a year.

And, if rates go up another half percent, the monthly payment will be $206 higher. That’s an 11% increase!

In an environment of rising prices and rising rates, there is a real cost to “wait and see.”

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At Least List

Here’s a stat you’ve heard from us before…

It’s called “At Least List”

It measures how active the market is by tracking the number of single family homes that sell for at least list price.

Because of the demand in our market, many homes sell for list price or higher.

So here’s the latest based on closings so far in the month of July…

The percentage of single family homes selling for at least list price:

  • Fort Collins = 58%
  • Loveland = 67%
  • Windsor = 55%
  • Greeley = 75%

Based on these numbers, homes that are priced right, and positioned right in the market will attain the price the seller wants (or higher).

To see the whole story about our market along with other stats and trends, watch the recording of Tuesday’s Windermere Workshop right here.


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